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We are sorry to say that after all these years it is time for us to retire.  Paul and I are both in our 60's now and we had been planning  an expansion of our business. Bringing in a younger generation to take over and to grow Patriot K9 Rescue was our goal. Plans were in place, but an unfortunate incident here at the rescue happened that has given us pause and we have decided it best to retire. 

We hope someone will step in and fill the gap, as it is a very important mission. There are very few rescues that specialize in retired Military and Police K9's.  Because of this, we realize that we will be putting a burden on Mission K9 Rescue, as they will be asked to take in dogs that normally would come our direction. Because of this we kindly asked that all of our supporters, continue to support the mission by directing their support to Mission K9 Rescue.

Mission K9 Rescue, along with Soldier Sanctuary came to our rescue after the incident here and took our remaining dogs to TX and have already found the perfect home for Luke. We are so grateful to both Mission K9 Rescue, TX and Soldier Sanctuary, PA and we really hope you all will send your support to both of these amazing non profits.

We don't want to see our story end here. We want to see ALL OF YOU, carry on in our place and help ensure America's Hero Dogs are still being taken care of. You can help ensure this happens by your continued support to Mission K9 Rescue and Soldier Sanctuary. This way you are supporting both veterans and K9's.

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Please continue to follow our Facebook page and keep in touch and send us pictures. 

We Thank you for all of your support throughout the years!

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