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The Back Story to my obsession with Volhard!

This is Dawn, co-founder of Patriot K9 Rescue and this is my story about Volhard Dog Nutrition. It's a long one, so grab your coffee and get comfortable, you may want to grab a box of tissues too.  I always wanted a dog as a child,  a German Shelpherd to be exact. but my parents never wanted a dog, they were cat people, haha! Fast soon as I was able as an adult I got my first dog. A Rottweiler named Butch! Butch became my reason for living. We did everything together. He would sit on my lap and just look into my eyes like "I love you Mom" . My husband would get so jealous, Butch was definitely "my dog" and I was "his person". He was almost 7 years old when I noticed a lump on his hind leg. It turned out to be bone cancer.  I still cry to this day, even now as I am writing this, I remember the feeling, like it was yesterday. I was devastated!  I was determined to find a cure. I spent every minute of the day researching, alternative medicines, treatments, nutrition.  I had mistakenly thought I was feeding him the very best food. I chose the most expensive, the one that was promoted at all the top dog shows and sports. Only after he got sick did I take the time to research nutrition. I came to find that the dog food I was feeding had been linked to cancer, it was known that 3 of the ingredients were proven to cause cancer in canines. I was as furious as I was sad that I had fallen for the pretty advertising and had not done my research. It is our responsibility to take care of our pets and keep them safe and I had failed him!  I spent thousands of dollars trying to save him, but he only lived 6 months longer, exactly the time frame my vet had told me. My vet was wonderful, he knew I believed in holistic treatments and had helped me to incorporate them into his care even doing some of his own research and telling me the newest news on alternative care. But the damage was done! I had fallen prey to false advertising and my sweet boy paid the price. With the tears rolling now, I remember that first cold night, staring out the window where I had buried him, sobbing because he was out there alone. I'll never forget that sadness. 
Many think I'm crazy for being such a fanatic about dog food, many will say, it's just a dog, or why would you spend that much on dog food. But I can tell you 100% that what you think is expensive compared to cheap food, is not. The fact is you normally pay less per serving for a quality food, because they are nutrient dense, they eat less,the dog retains the nutrients and it is easily absorbed into their system so as to not tax the organs. A good CLEAN food is essential to overall health. Forgive me, because I will start to go on and on about this subject so,,,back to my point.  As I was doing research to help my boy, I came across Wendy Volhard's book "Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog" That book became my bible. My next Rottie lived to be 13 which is pretty good for a Rottie. That book is a must read for anyone looking to extend the life of their pet. Her research is the best I have ever found. So enough crying already, haha... Seriously, I hope you will take the time to look over some of the info below on the Volhard Dog Nutrition and read the book. If you should decide to give it a try, which I hope you do for the love of your dog. If you order from the link provided on this site or use coupon code "PATRIOTK9RESCUE" you will also help support the Patriot K9's in our care.  I cannot tell you what an honor it was and how excited I was when one of our chance encounters happened to be with the VP of Volhard. I couldn't believe it was one in the same. I immediately got my book out again! So we are beyond proud to offer you the very best in Dog Nutrition! 

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Volhard. All the benefits of raw, made easy!

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