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Raise the Region is our biggest fundraiser of the year! It is the only time when a $25 donation could turn into $5000. With the generosity of of Blaise Alexander Family Dealerships, local non profits will earn Sttrretchhh... funds by meeting certain fundraising goals during a 30 hour period. This year the dates are MARCH 13th & 14th. So please save the date and don't forget to donate at this link on those dates! 

Our goal for last year's fundraiser was to raise enough money to build a "quiet room." We had often used our converted  living room into a quiet room, but we often needed 2 of these rooms. They are used to house dogs that are under a lot of stress and don't do well in a kennel situation or are recovering from surgery or illness. THANKS to YOU we were able to achieve that goal!  We really strive for our kennels to be stress free and comfortable for dogs. After all, they are HEROES, and they deserve to come home and be treated as such.

This year's goal is an even bigger project! With an even bigger impact! 

We are adding a second facility. This new facility will incorporate services that will also benefit the veteran community and our first responders. It will allow us to rescue more K9's and provide more services "in house" for not only the dogs, but for the community as well.  Your donations during this special Raise the Region fundraiser will go towards our building fund. We will keep donors updated on our progress so that you will always know where your hard earned dollars go!

Our new Quiet Room made possible by Raise the Region donations!

IMG_20230810_173926339 (1).jpg

We can't wait to share plans of the new place with all of you as it comes together. Just imagine what we can accomplish when we all work together for a common goal. None of these Heroes would have a home without you!  So, give yourself a round of applause and take a look at a few heroes that you, our fellow Patriots, helped give the gift of a happy retirement!

Fuli 5th birthday party.jpg
Dobre in Mexico.jpg

Donate to our Raise the Region
Building Fund here: >>>>

Donate to our Raise the Region
<<<<        Building Fund here

Raise the Region donations must be made between:
March 13th @ 6:00pm till
March 14th @ Midnight

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