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Meet Ciko

Ciko is our Mascot. He is a 10 yr old Czech Shepherd. Ciko is featured on all of our products and is the main inspiration for our logo.

Ciko would only be adoptable to an experienced handler.



is a retired Narcotics & Apprehension K9 from Oklahoma. Remco is a 10 year old Belgian Malinois with no known health issues. How can you not love that face?

Fill out the application in the menu bar at top of page.

K9 CASH is the new kid on the block at only 6 years of age he has recently retired. CASH will take some time to acclimate and decompress so while he will not be up for adoption just yet, please fill out the application if you are interested to be put on the list. CASH will require an experienced handler. 

Let's not forget "HUNTER" 

He is almost 11 but I challenge anyone to keep up with him. He is super fast and a ball of energy! Hunter has been with us for 2 years and I cannot figure out why no one has adopted this beautiful Dutch Shepherd! Hunter has super high prey drive so no young children, cats or other dogs please.

Sorry You Missed Me!

I was irresistible!


Aron came to us from the Show Me state of Missouri. He was originally Customs and Border Patrol, then retired from a MissourI Sheriff's Dept. 

Aron is a 10 yr old Belgian Malinois.  He is extremely well behaved in a home environment. Active and ready to enjoy his retirement years with You!t


Patriot K9 Rescue is happy to announce the arrival of 21 overseas government explosive detection dogs. They are coming in 2 stages..1 in mid June and the other mid July.

9 male GSD'S 5 male MAL'S 4 female GSD'S

2 female MAL'S 1 male GSD/MAL mix

These all are HERO'S so we will treat them as such...We will be looking for the loving forever homes for all 21..

They have worked most of their lives protecting people, so now it's time for people to Honor their Service and give them the retirement they deserve. If you feel you would like a Hero to live with you? Please fill out an adoption application..or give us a call 570-939-0338.
Here are 2 examples of the Heroes coming to us.

Below are the incoming Heroes! Fill out your application today!  Who among you can be a Hero for a Hero?

Years listed are  date of birth.