EDD Elute

Elute served overseas as an Explosive Detection Dog. Elute is very young yet, not quite 3 yrs old. He was retired early due to a medical issue that left him unable to perform his duties. He is otherwise healthy for normal day to day life.

Elute does not do well with children. He does not seem to be dog aggressive but is very possessive of his Kong, so may be an issue if a toy gets in between them. Elute has not been tested with cats.

Available Heroes

Elute (video)

Elute is a bit "elusive" he is not overly trusting and will quickly turn away from you.



K9 Ony is almost 10 years old. He worked his whole life as a police K9 in the state of KY. Ony is a very sweet boy. Well behaved at the vet. Ony does not like cats or other dogs.

Ony is currently undergoing treatment for heartworms. Please say a prayer that Ony makes a full recovery as the treatment is very hard for them and his heart shows signs of stress and is very enlarged.



Once Ony's treatments are complete he will be available for adoption.  We would love to see Ony go where he can get 100% of someone's attention and live out his remaining years in a loving home. He is one of the sweetest police K9's we have ever had.

IMG_1195002(1) (1).jpg


Meet Troy
Troy was an explosives detection dog overseas that is 5 years old. Troy does have a medical issue that will need to be addressed but if properly maintained he should do well for years to come. Call or email for details.


Gabby is a 10 year old Retired Police Bloodhound. Gabby had a meet & greet but has decided she prefers to be your one and only dog! She is very affectionate with people, just gets too snippy with other dogs. Unsure how she would do with cats.

Gabby Girl
Struttin' her stuff!

Below are some of our hero dogs that have already been adopted. We want to thank each of their families for giving them a loving home.


CWD 1 Minx Male GSD 2015.jpg


CWD 6 Arrow Male GSD 2016 (2).jpg


CWD 3 Angie Female GSD 2014 (2).jpg


CWD 8 Ned Male GSD 2016 (2).jpg


CWD 4 Inga Female GSD 2012 (2).jpg


CWD 7 Witz Male Mal 2015 (2).jpg


CWD 5 Luma Male GSD 2015 (2).jpg


CWD 9 Zeus Male Mal 2015 (2).jpg

Dobre & Edo are still available. If you feel you can provide a lifelong home for one of our heroes please fill out the application in the toolbar and give us a call.

Keep in mind these are specially trained dogs and sometimes require a more experienced home with knowledge of the breed.

Your time, your interest and your support are always appreciated!

Dobre & Eda have now been adopted, but keep scrolling for upcoming and new arrivals.


Our newest arrival available for adoption is MWD EDI a 4 year old Belgian Malinois.
Edi will require an owner with prior working dog experience. He will most likely need to transition slowly into a home environment. He will be a handful, haha! 
You can see videos of Edi on our Instagram & Facebook pages. I'll update this page with videos soon.

More pics & videos
on our facebook page 

We will require an experienced handler with no children or other pets to adopt Edi. To inquire, please fill out application in the tab at the top of page please.

Coming soon!
2 Bloodhounds. Details and pics will be available after 6-22-22.