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9 Yr Dutch Shepherd Retired PDK9

K9 Hunter
Hunter is a triple trained Retired Police K9 who came to us from the midwest. Hunter is now living his best life with a wonderful couple in PA who also proudly servc their country and their community. Thank you C & C for welcoming HUNTER to your home.



11 yr old Retired PDK9

CATO is nearly 11 years old. Doesn’t he deserve the comforts of home to retire in? Cato has never known a home life, he has worked and been kenneled his entire career. His handler did not allow him in the house or to socialize much, so he is a bit of a loner. He seems quite gentle, his only quirk that we are aware of is he will eat everything that isn’t nailed down….gloves, socks, toys, string….which can all be deadly, so extreme caution and a watchful eye will need to be taken until he gets acclimated to a home environment. But we would love to see him finally have a wonderful home to live in with lots of LOVE!

 Cato was another Retired Police K9. We were told that Cato had never lived in a home, he was not allowed to socialize with the family or other dogs and lived in an outdoor kennel his entire life. Cato had a bad habit of eating anything and everything, which made it hard, or so we thought for him to ever live in a home. But, alas,,,then came Christina. Christina is a veterinarian and knew the dangers of Cato's bad habit and we knew it would be a good match and she could keep him safe. We took Cato for a meet and greet and you wouldn't believe the change in Cato's behavior. He fell in love with Christina instantly and it was undeniable that it was meant to be. Cato has been a perfect gentleman. Never touched anything in the house, gets along well with all the other dogs and even the cat. Seeing Cato so incredibly happy after lifetime of service to others. That is why we do what we do!

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Retired PDK9

Leo is a 12 year old Retired Police K9 that we were called to pick up when he was turned into a VA shelter.

Lucky for Leo his perfect match turned up quickly. He now enjoys daily walks to the duck pond, a game of fetch and then relaxes on the couch all day with his loving Mom, Ginny. Ginny says there has only ever been 1 other dog in her life that she felt such a bond with. They were truly meant for each other and came into each others lives at the perfect time.



Fales was a Contract Working Dog. That worked with Special Forces in Afghanistan. He endured a lifetime of stress. He rode in helicopters a lot and performed late night raids. We are sure he saved countless lives during his career as a  Patrol and Explosive Detection Dog. Fales was a difficult dog to handle but his perfect family showed up to take the lead, and now Fales is at home and content to be loved by his family.


There will be days when you are sad, days when you wonder if you are doing all that you can, days when you think am I really making a difference? But it's a day like this, when you see your hero finally relax, finally have a family to love him that makes it all worth while. Many do not understand the lifetime of stress these dogs have, and yet so many do and opt to give them the retirement they deserve. For those Human Heroes! We Thank You!



Retired PDK9

Our precious hero that was gone too soon. We didn't have much time with Duke, he was a gentle soul with so much love to give. He did get to know the joys of a loving family before he was gone, and we are forever thankful for that. Duke was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy and could no longer control his bladder or walk. His time with us was short, but he will be forever remembered by his great smile and bright eyes! 

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